Hide, But Please Don’t Seek.

There are just those days that I wish I could be invisible. A day where I don’t have to fake a smile. A day that I could just mope for absolutely no reason with no one asking me “what’s wrong?”
Now, I don’t wanna sound emo or depressed or anything. I’m really not. Everyone just has those days where they just want to shut out the world. But every class I’ve had in college where usually the teacher has no clue who you are, will always know me.
No matter where I go or what I do, my chair will always make me noticeable. And it sucks. It has it’s perks, I don’t wanna sound completely negative here.
But, for example, my accounting class of almost 200 only about 30 students go because she’s the worst teacher ever and class is irrelevant. So anyways. After skipping class for like 3 weeks my teacher goes “oh it’s nice to have you back”



Luckily she assumed I wasn’t coming to class because I told her I get stuck in the snow. But still…

Days where I just hate people and the world and want nobody to notice my existence….. It’s physically impossible.

And then I just have those days where I feel like no one notices me. No one texts me that day. I feel like the world hates me.

Sometimes… There’s just no medium.


They say pain is an illusion.
This is just a bruise.
You are just confused.
I am only human.



2 thoughts on “Hide, But Please Don’t Seek.

  1. I totally understand. Especially when you are having a day that you want to just blend in while shopping for groceries and feels like everyone is staring. I hated it when I was a kid.
    On a similar note, I feel like there is a lot more pressure on “our peeps” to remember everyone’s name we’ve ever met during our entire life. EVERYONE (excluding those who confuse me for someone else they know, who’s also in a chair) remembers my name because I stick out.


    • I know!!! That happens to me ALL the time and half of the time the person doesn’t even look slightly familiar but of course I do! How could they forget the girl in the wheelchair! Lately I’ve just been acting obnoxious and say stupid stuff outloud since I already stand out lol

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