My Mind is Danica Patrick.

When I can’t sleep my mind races. I think about anything and everything. I have yet to meet someone (friend or beau) that I can share all my thoughts with. It’s impossible. And I would probably sound crazy.
WebMD and myself have both diagnosed me with insomnia.
So what happens at this time of night when you can’t sleep?
Well, there’s a lot of ceiling watching for one.
But your mind starts to wander…. To like Narnia or something.
It’s so cool to actual realize how many things you’re thinking about at night. Throughout the day you’re always doing something and usually have a goal, whether it’s work or homework or what to cook for dinner tonight.
But at night my mind is so relaxed that it just decides to unrelax itself with irrelevant but oh so interesting thoughts.
Weird scenarios that’ll never happen in real life but I wish they did start playing.
Lots of “I wonder ifs”
A chance to thing about things I could possibly regret. (Dangerous)
That special someone.
That OTHER special someone.
Both of them together. Awkward.
What I would do if I could walk.
My friends.
Whether or not I’m a lesbian. (Def not)
If certain people are thinking about me.
WHAT they think of me. This one could get dangerous and cause some insecurities.
Who the next guy will be.
If I never get married.
What life would be like if we could fly.
If cars never run out of gas.
The thoughts are endless.

These thoughts are usually never said outloud so you think about them more than once. Do you ever stop to think if anyone else is thinking the same thing? I do. I wish I had the answers to all these questions. I wish my mind could somehow answer them for me to save me the chance of looking stupid for asking anyone.
Knowing what people are thinking is the most interesting thing in the world to me.

This is one of the things I thought about tonight… Insomnia. And me.



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