&&I’ll Take It With Me To My Grave.

So I’m a girl. Muslim. And disabled. Meaning there’s lots of double standards, religious expectation, and underestimation in my life.
Triple-suicide-bomb is what it actually sounds like.
I absolutely hate when my parents try and say my brothers can do something because “they’re boys and I’m a girl”
Drives me nuts. I’m sure my parents know by now that using that excuse will only make me want to do it more. Going to college is one example. Involves all three of these actually!
Before going to college it was a huge debate about me going away to Illinois state for college.
1. Because I’m a girl.
2. Muslim girls don’t go away for college. They pretty much must live under their parents wing until marriage.
3. I’m disabled, how will I fend for myself.
I fought and won all three arguments. And I am really glad I did.
I was born and raised in Chicago. Though I truly respect my religion and the beliefs, some rules are just meant to be broken. I’m completely Americanized. And my mom gets that. My stepdad on the other hand, does not. I can go for hours on end about him and how much I disagree with every little thing that comes out of his mouth, including the way he raises his kids, but I won’t. Because hes not worth the precious words I use in my blog.
Anyways– I digress (stole that phrase from my teacher. It’s growing on me.)
So I am Americanized and just think that some American customs make a lot more sense than Muslim ones. I mean it’s what I grew up learning naturally in this society. I like to have my own beliefs. Makes me know I have control over my life and where I’m headed.
And I want my kids to grow up knowing that too.
I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about Muslim religion. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m Muslim yet still am Americanized as can be.
I honestly hate when parents bring their family here to America trying to shelter and protect them from the society they live in. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.
I get it, better opportunities here, but you can’t expect your kids not to catch customs from the place they reside. Its so irrational to think they have the capability of hiding the real world.

Okay… I could go on for hours about how I disagree with how some people raise their children. I’ll just agree to disagree for now.
I just know, in my case… My parents finally see that my disability has never stopped me from doing anything, me being a girl will never stop me from doing any “boy” things, and I am an Arab-American with mixed beliefs.

Sue me.



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