The rhetorical question that life asks us all at multiple milestones of our lives: Who am I?
This questions stems from so many other factors. Is there really an answer to it? Probably. It’s not easy to obtain it. But it’s most likely possible.
So then I must ask myself….. Who am I?
Honestly I don’t think I know yet. I feel like everyday I learn something new about myself. Whether it’s something I like and don’t want to change, or something I feel like needs improvement.
I do know one thing for sure… I do not like to disappoint. And I like to keep people happy.
So I guess this correlates with my personal life values. What DO I value?
Family: No matter what they’re always there.
Friends: I wouldn’t be who I am without them.
Camp: Taught me to live life without limits from my disability.
Life: It’s short. Live it. You won’t regret it.
Challenges: I love challenges! They make me learn so much about what I’m capable of and what I like/dislike.
Risks: If you’re not taking risks, you’re living life too innocently. You’re missing out.
Honesty: I just don’t see the point in lying. The truth usually ends up coming out anyways.
Positivity: I like seeing the positive side of things. I can have my pessimistic times, I think that’s normal. But in general, without positivity the world is just mean and depressing.
Pro-choice: I believe that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and it does not mean others have to agree.
Open minded: I think this one is a very relevant one. I believe that most arguments happen because of how one minded people are. Though I do not agree with what everyone says, I have the ability to see each side of the argument and attempt to come to some sort of middle.
Equality: If you do not know by know I am all about equality. I absolutely HATE when people treat me like I’m some sort of delinquent human being because of my disability.
Sexism: This one’s kind of funny because my religion can be very sexist. Which I plan on talking about in another blog post… But I refuse to let anyone (mostly my parents) tell me I cannot do something because I am “a girl.” NO! Do not tell me this. You may or may not get kicked. Fair warning.
Gay rights: I don’t even know why this is such a social issue. Because seriously…. Who really cares who people choose to marry or be with. I just do not see the need for the controversy. Let the LGBT community live their life just like the rest of us. They are no different than the rest of the world. Peacefully, for the most part.
Love: I think everybody loves something or someone. Whether they choose to be open about it or not. I enjoy expressing the things I love about life. I feel like it gives others the opportunity to relate or unrelate.

To be able to express my own opinions about some of these topics shows the loyalty I have to my own self. I want other people to know what I think and I could care less if I have the popular answer or not. I think some people are afraid of society and what they might say, so they hold back. I’m sorry, but fuck. That. I don’t like holding things back. Gets me nowhere in life besides one step backwards.

These are just a few things I felt were important to me and who I am. I feel like there are endless factors that create who I am. Everybody is unique in their own way. Everybody has an opinion to every topic. Everybody is different. And I think it’s interesting to realize how accepting everybody has to be in SOME sort of way of people’s personal beliefs and thoughts.

A new day leads to new answers.

Kudos to those that have their answers.