This post is probably long overdue but oh well.

Ever since I was six years old I’ve been going to summer camp. From the age of six to 17 I went to MDA Summer camp which is only for children that have Muscular Dystrophy. Since I turned 18, I attend Association of Horizon Summer Camp which is a camp for adults that have any type of physical disability. It is a non-profit organization so throughout the year we are constantly fundraising to make sure camp continues each year.

Camp is and has always been my number one priority. I know for a fact I would not be the person I am today if had never gone.

Camp has taught me that I am not alone.

That I am not limited.

That I am not different.

That making a fool of yourself can be socially acceptable… For the most part.

Because of camp I’ve met the most amazing people to ever walk (or roll) this earth.

I wish I was able to describe the week I have but words are just not enough. There are no words to describe such a week. When I’m at camp it’s almost as if I’m on a different planet. Nothing else in the world matters for about 168 hours… It also helps that no one has service to make contact with the outside world with their phones.

Camp is a time to learn and grow. To open your eyes to new experiences. To make people see that adults with disabilities are just as normal as anyone else. To learn that a physical disability does not make or define a person. Because, mentally, that person is still human. And can understand 100% what is going on around them.

Horizon is my life. They are my family.

Even though volunteering could involve wiping some butts or showering someone, I can guarantee you the best week of your life.

Camp gave me confidence. I am so confident in what I CAN do. I focus on the cans rather than the cants. Otherwise, how would my life move forward?
There are obstacles to make something happen, even with something as simple as swimming, but those obstacles are just a different way of doing something aside from the “normal” way. Finding your own special way to do something. If you’re determined to do something yourself. You’ll find a way to do it.

Camp has become a permanent part of my life. A permanent part of me. A tradition. At this point in my life, taking away camp is like taking away Christmas.

I could never imagine my life without camp. There’s no non-cheesy way to put it.