I Use a String to Shut Doors.

A person with a disability has the keenest of minds and are very good at observing the world.
Because in the eyes of a disabled person, every move a person makes intrigues us.
The way people get dressed, cook, put things together, even something as simple as taking a glass out of a cabinet. And I honestly believe part of it has to do with the ability to fit in. The ability to do things the same way everyone else is doing it. Also, it’s interesting to see how people do things we are not able to do.
After years of trying to do things the “normal” way, I found many other disability friendlier way of doing things. Like using a broom to reach high things or a backscratcher to pick something off the ground.
As ridiculous as these things sound, they are the way that people with disabilities gain independence.

It’s interesting when you realize that able-bodied people don’t think twice when they do simple things such as getting out of bed in the morning.
They just do it.
To a disabled person it’s more:
“oh it’s 10:30am and I’m wide awake but my PA doesn’t come in until 11am, looks like I have to wait.”
“I wonder if my PA will be here on time.”
“What if my PA can’t show up?”
“Aw man I wish I could sleep longer but my PA has an early class and it’s the only time she could help me.”

Mind you, these are all the possible thoughts going through a disabled persons mind, and this is just for ONE simple task in the day. Getting from the bed to the wheelchair.

Independence is something disabled people have to strive for and build for themselves.
And we see everything. We see your abilities. And compare it to our own. Trying to find and think of a way we could possibly do these things ourselves.

Some obstacles are easy to overcome… Others, not so much.



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