Am I Wrong?

Do you ever just feel like there’s something on your mind you’re afraid of saying outloud? Fear of being judged. Fear of thinking that your thoughts will make you look stupid. Fear of knowing you’re the only one ever thinking whatever it is you’re thinking.
Honestly, our society is pretty fucked up. You can’t be fit without being called anorexic and if you don’t have a thigh gap you’re fat.
If you say you think you look pretty in a picture, you’re conceited but if you say “ew” you’re insecure.
This society is so judgmental and damn blunt about it.
Honestly, over the years I really stopped giving fucks about what anyone thinks. It wasn’t easy, but I somehow convinced myself that my thoughts are unique, not stupid. I taught myself that changing who i am is harder than just being myself.
Sometimes I think about how different I am to other people, but it doesn’t bother me. I think everyone’s differences makes them memorable in some sort of way.
Like having a third nipple!! If I ever met someone with a third nipple, my life would be partially complete.

I like to think that people remember me for my fucking fantastic personality… And if I’m lucky, my sailor mouth… But I’m pretty sure the wheelchair wins this competition.
Can’t blame them though, after all… It is bedazzled.



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