Inspiration? Far from it. 

Picture this. A 22 year old girl goes to a lake house with her friends. She does everything from kayaking to jet skiing to tubing. 
If this girl was able bodied, that’s awesome. She’s having fun. No one thinks twice.
If a disabled girl did this, she’s an inspiration. 
But for what?
I don’t do the crazy, stupid, spontaneous, risky, fun things I do everyday to inspire anyone. I’m doing it because it sounds like a good time. 
It’s one thing to be inspired by the things I do, but I want everyone to know that I’m not doing these things TO inspire. I’m most likely doing them for one of three reasons…. It sounds like fun, I can get drunk, or to make money. Or all three… 
I’m not an inspiration. People that are inspirations are people like Martin Luther King Jr or Rosa Parks ….or my favorite person ever, Ellen DeGeneres. These people have done or are doing inspiring things. Make the world a better place. Helping people. Standing up for what they believe in. 
I’m not standing up for anything…. Not just because I physically can’t… But because I’m not trying to. I have no intention to. And I’m sitting in a wheelchair, just living my life, going party to party and getting hammered…. Yet that somehow makes me an inspiration. 
I like to have fun. I don’t like my disability to be a reason for me not to do something socially normal. That’s all I’m being. Is normal. 

When you think of a “normal” 22 year old woman you think college, dating, fun, trouble, learning to adult, shopping, heart breaks, partying, friends…. The list can go on. But that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m not doing anything special that any other 22 year old able bodied person would be doing. YET, I’m considered an inspiration for it. 

I do what I do every single day for no one else but myself. People that are inspirations do things for not only themselves, but people around them. I’m not doing that. 
So if I inspire you to do something, that’s great. I’m glad I could shed some light. But please do not call me an inspiration because that’s not my intention. My intention is to ignore the social norms and expectation there is about disabled people. My intention is to prove that there’s always space for ABILITY and CANs. And I’m doing that for no one but myself. 
I’m just trying to live my life, dude.  



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